Who can recall a time of such peacetime turmoil and yet, simultaneously, paralysis?

The country is split after its EU referendum – and splitting, with further fractures appearing, not least between the constituent countries of the UK.

Meanwhile, both the Conservatives and Labour are engaged in simultaneous leadership conflicts, the Lib Dems are a Parliamentary footnote, UKIP and the Greens have no presence there to speak of, and only the SNP seem to be coherent.

Who, in the midst of all this is going to take a lead and pull things together? Leaving any party political considerations aside, can we really imagine either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt or Jeremy Corbyn or Tim Farron, to name but a few, as being remotely genuinely prime ministerial in a way that (a) unifies the country and (b) provides a coherent vision and plan?

We need a Government of National Unity. Revd Giles Fraser, the outspoken Anglican cleric, has already called for one on last Sunday’s Question Time on TV.

We need a government of real vision and of real talent: people of goodwill who will put self and party to one side in the greater interest of the common good.

There are some people with real leadership experience and qualities in the Commons: in Labour, for example, Sir Kier Starmer, former Director of Public Prosecutions; in the Conservatives, Colonel Bob Stewart, who served with the Cheshire Regiment from 1969 to 1996. (Both pictured below).

Keir-Starmer_2991889b     Bob Stewart

Is it not possible that MPs of goodwill in all the major political parties can come come together to form some kind of Government of National Unity, and to come up with a plan which would command widespread non-partisan support across the country?

Or do we have to put up with months — even years — more of inadequate leadership and poor vision-casting?

When a crisis comes, leaders lead. No-one is doing that at the moment, with the exception of Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland. So who — of stature, responsibility and thoughtfulness — will step up and lead in the House of Commons? Is it possible thoughtful people of different political persuasions can come together in a grown up way and provide us not only with leadership and vision but wisdom? “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Unlikely, maybe. Impossible? Surely not, for much else of what is currently happening would have seemed utterly implausible just a few years ago.

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